Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2019 Visitor Testimonials

  • Silentnight (UK)
    Mr. Chris Gourdie
    Managing Director
    I’ve attended interzum guangzhou six to seven times, and have also visited similar exhibitions in Malaysia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Shanghai and other places. In comparison, the biggest feature here is that there are many new products every year.

    Best Standard Furniture (Pakistan)
    Mr. M. Awais

    I am from Pakistan. I am looking for office furniture, hardware and machinery kinds of exhibitors. I almost participate in the exhibition every year. Every year the show is going better and better. I also have visited the other shows in Germany, Japan and Chicago. The difference among them is that there’re more supplies at interzum guangzhou.

    NOWY STYL (Ukraine)
    Mr. Vozniuk Yevhen
    Product Manager

    This is my first visit to interzum guangzhou. The main purpose of my trip is to find new products and gather market intelligence. I’ve also been to other exhibitions in many countries but interzum guangzhou is the largest, with a lot of product information. I’ve also found a lot of products that are highly suitable for our local market. It’s been a fruitful trip.

    Mr. Mike Miller

    I am from America and work in Thailand. I am here to look for furniture materials and furniture suppliers. This is my first time to interzum guangzhou. I have also been to the exhibition in Thailand. The main difference is that interzum guangzhou is larger and has more choices.

    Mr. Sachi Ladha

    I am from India and I came here for binding materials. This is my second time to interzum guangzhou. Compared to 2018, there are more companies and new products this year.

    Mr. Aknk Jose(India)
    I come from India and am here to look for bedding machinery. This is my first visit to interzum guangzhou. The exhibition here is nice. I have also been to a similar exhibition in India, and I think interzum guangzhou is larger and offers more ideas. I participated in the seminars and it was insightful to hear from industry experts, which enables me to learn about the latest products and technologies.

    Clockwork Components Ltd
    Mr. James Viney
    Chairman & Managing Director

    “This is the 7th time I’ve been at interzum guangzhou. What attracted me to visit this event is that a number of key suppliers of ours are here. It enables us to access them in one place which can save time. We also sourced some new products here. I’m satisfied with the excellent management of the event. “

    Mr. John Karle

    “This is my second visit to interzum guangzhou. We’re here because our South African competitors and suppliers also visit this event regularly. The show is very well organized and the exhibitors are very professional. I’m particularly satisfied with the visitor registration process.“

    Mr. Tommaso Rigoli
    Export Manager

    This is my first time at interzum guangzhou. The PIAZZA lounges at the international halls are great with good quality refreshments and it’s ideal for business discussions. interzum guangzhou stood out compared to other similar exhibitions. It’s well organized and offers quality exhibitors. We’re targeting Asian countries as strategic markets and believe that interzum guangzhou gives us the best perspectives on the China market.

    Vimary Global
    Mr. Alexandru CRETU
    General Director

    This is my second time at interzum guangzhou. I came here to find new contacts, new suppliers and better prices. interzum guangzhou is the biggest fair in this field with a lot of exhibitors and a big variety of products. I participated in the Happy Hour and Gift Redemption which are great ideas to loosen up people at the fair.

    Mr. Dirson Klein
    Product Development

    This is my third visit to interzum guangzhou. There are many interesting activities offered at the International Halls. The PIAZZA lounge is a good place for having some rest and organizing the collected materials. My market is very competitive and interzum guangzhou shows a huge variety of suppliers at every price range and quality. I also took the opportunity to visit some new suppliers at interzum guangzhou.

    Mr. Pedro Figueiredo
    Casa Trend

    I've visited interzum guangzhou four times and will come again next year. interzum guangzhou is one of the most important fairs for furniture fittings, together with interzum Cologne. Our main interest is contacting our actual suppliers and look for new business opportunities.

    Ms. Huan Zhang
    Purchase Department

    This is my first time visiting interzum guangzhou. The product categories on display are comprehensive and cover a wide range. The show is distinctly segmented and clearly laid out, making it easy to find the required products, which is very convenient!

    Getacs International Co ltd
    Mr. Peter Li
    Procurement Engineer

    This is my third time visiting interzum guangzhou. As an internationally renowned furniture fair, it attracts furniture buyers from all over the world. Exhibitors not only include well-known domestic furniture manufacturers, but also furniture makers of international fame. The exhibits range from finished furniture, furniture fittings and accessories, as well as furniture production equipment to meet the needs of different buyers. I pre-registered online in advance, eliminating the need for queuing on-site.

    Getacs International Co ltd
    Ms. Elaine Lan
    Research & Development Director

    This year is my 11th time participating in interzum guangzhou. The exhibition is highly professional with well-planned halls and clearly segmented areas, and we can easily find the products we need. There are so many exhibitors and those with similar products are located within the same cluster, saving me valuable time. The exhibit categories are also rather comprehensive. Entry to the show was fast and hassle-free.

    Permanent Delegate

    I’ve been coming to interzum guangzhou every year since 2008 and am very familiar with the show. interzum guangzhou is one of the most authoritative exhibition in the field of furniture production. In my opinion, it is also the best exhibition in this field. Most of the manufacturers we partner with are exhibitors here. Product classification is very logical. In addition to purchasing products and collecting supplier information, I was able to make local and international contacts.

    FORMIX Decoration & Furniture(Egypt)
    Mr. Hossam Eldin Dessouky

    I am from Egypt and have been to interzum guangzhou for many times. I am here to look for furniture machinery and hardware. The number of exhibitors this year was similar to last year, but I saw more new products featured. I have also participated in similar exhibitions in Germany and Italy, and I think interzum guangzhou is more professional and I can get more new product information here.