Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2015 Visitor Testimonials

  • Mr. Ming-Chih Hsieh
    Senior Project Specialist
    Aurona Industries Inc.

    "Although the exhibition area is huge, the product segmentation is very clear, making it easy to find the products we need, and we are very satisfied with that. Our key procurement targets are hardware accessories and raw materials, so, Area C is our main area. I have had in-depth exchange with a lot of suppliers. The services provided by the organizers have been very satisfactory."

    Ms. Patricia Moreno Olea
    Administration Manager
    Evercom S. A. C.

    “This is our second time visiting interzum guangzhou. We felt satisfied with the show results. Here we can meet the industrial quality suppliers from all over the world. We could reach our regular clients and also meet with new clients during the show. Last year, we made two deals onsite and this year, we’ve closed four deals in the first two days, and they are new business. An impressive aspect of interzum guangzhou is the onsite signage, especially the ones on the floor. They did us a big favor."

    Mr. Li Shuping
    Product Development Designer
    Huabiao Furniture Material Co., Ltd.

    “interzum guangzhou features high qualityexhibitors, and we can find new ideas and new products during the event, giving us a lot of knowledge and inspirations. We are satisfied with the show.“

    Mr. Huang
    Yong Jie Design Studio

    “We are able to interact face-to-face with fellow industry peers at interzum guangzhou, which allows us to have a more intuitive understanding ofthe market. This is a very successful trading platform.“

    Mr. Xu Yixue
    Regional Manager
    Nature Home (China) Co. Ltd.

    “We’ve found new suppliers at interzum guangzhou, and can have products of higher quality to improve our market competitiveness. We will be back next year to visit the event.“

    Mr. Tan Jingyuan
    Xianli Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    “This visit to interzum guangzhou is very helpful to my company's future business development, and has bettered our understanding of the market.“

    Mr. Zhao
    Production Head
    Chengdu Bosite Co., Ltd.

    “interzum guangzhou is a highly professionalexhibition withinnovative products, and thoughtful on-site services. This has played a catalytic role in the development of this industry, and is also of great helptoour businessdevelopment.“

    Mr. Zhang Hao
    Production Head
    Yingbei Furniture Factory

    “We’ve found the right firms for cooperation. During the visit we’ve also found that the exhibition offers good and professional services.“

    Ms. Zhang Lijun
    Purchasing Manager
    Yavon Co., Ltd.

    “Overall, interzum guangzhou isa greatshow with rich content,lots of exhibitors, and innovative products.“

    Mr. Wu Baohong
    Marketing Director
    Zhongshan Prado Style Household Co., Ltd.

    “The scale of interzum guangzhou is huge,featuring many exhibitors, which has a positive effect on our business expansion.“

    Mr. Anamal Kabir
    Managing Director
    Trendy Furniture Ltd.

    “We found new suppliers with lower prices and better quality here.“

    Mr. Tim Neale
    Empire Office Furniture

    “It’s a nice show and very helpful for our company in developing our furniture business. Thank you, interzum guangzhou.“

    Mr. Tolga Ayvaci
    Polchem Wood Coatings
    “It’s a good place for people in the industry to get more knowledge about the market.“

    Mr. Dhawal Barot
    Mainland Trade Initiative
    “Through this reliable platform, we’ve found higher quality suppliers and products of better value.“

    Mr. Birkan Gok

    “This visit provides me with some new potential clients in the China market.“

    Mr. Kevin Talbott
    General Manager
    R. J. Binnie

    “I appreciate the wonderful planning and on-site management by the show organizers. Our visit to interzum guangzhou has produced excellent results and this is absolutely what we were expecting.“

    Mr. Madhvi Samonahko
    Managing Director

    “We met many industry professionals and saw numerous new products here.“

    Mr. Mohamed Harakany
    Alex Trade

    “The visit allows me to see new products, be exposed to new concepts, and get to know new clients.“

    Mr. Sudil Gunatilake
    General Manager
    New Interiors Ltd.

    “The show is quite good and I will visit again.“

    Mr. Javier Alejandro
    International Business Manager
    Comercializadora Sanco S.A.DE C.V.
    “The show is good for our business, especially for developing the China market.“

    Mr. Armon Kisten
    Managing Director
    Kisten Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    “I’ve learned much from this fair, including industry news and trends.“

    Ms. Veronica Plevceeliela
    Senior Manager
    Prauieu Co., Ltd.

    “Every time we visit interzum guangzhou we find new partners with quality products.“

    Mr. Stephan Schunck

    “We can source for products and suppliers in a fast way throughinterzum guangzhou’s professional services.“

    Mr. Chuckwuma

    “At interzum guangzhou, we got direct contact to manufacturers and have the opportunity to experiencethe products personally.“

    Mr. Rahul
    Bertucci Cucine

    “We found new products and obtained the latest industry information at the show.“

    Mr. Penrat Saksirinukul
    Marketing Manager
    Nature Corners

    “The fair is excellent and helpful for my business. I will visit again.“