Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2016 Visitor Testimonials

  • Mr. Zhang Shengqi
    Litai Furniture Co., Ltd.

    "This is my first visit to interzum guangzhou. My first impression of the show is its sophisticated atmosphere, the large number of exhibitors and brands, and the thoughtful on-site services. interzum guangzhou allows me to see a lot of new products, especially quality products from foreign enterprises. We have also visited many other similar trade fairs but there are more foreign brands here that are not found at the other events. Due to time constraints, I’ve only met with overseas material exhibitors and am interested to work with several of them."

    Mr. Zhang Weixiang
    Shanghai Changya Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

    “This is my fifth visit to interzum guangzhou. Each time, interzum guangzhou is able to fulfill my needs in obtaining the latest market information and industry trends as well as understanding the furniture and other related industries. I feel there are increasingly more international exhibitors in recent years, and they are more professional. I have full trust and confidence in Koelnmesse’s management expertise and will continue to visit next year."

    Ms. Laney Liang
    Regional Sales Manager
    Zhejiang Damon Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

    “This is our first time visiting interzum guangzhou and experiencing for ourselves the actual scale of the event as well as the strength of exhibitors in the woodworking machinery zone. We’ve had exchanges with our target customers and found possible business opportunities. Comparing with the other domestic woodworking machinery exhibitions, interzum guangzhou is more professional and participating companies are the industry's top brands. True to its reputation, it is the top event for the industry. “

    Ms. Wangshuang
    Luoyang Zhuoer Furniture Co., Ltd.

    “This is my second visit to interzum guangzhou. The range of exhibits here is more comprehensive. I’ve seen a lot of new products and designs at this year's event. I also have better insights into the market trends and found some interesting accessories. The big international companies and national pavilions at the international halls make the entire show more sophisticated and comprehensive. The concurrent conferences and forums are very well conducted.“

    Ms. Huang Yanjun
    Sales Manager
    Guangzhou Yongmei Furniture Co., Ltd.

    “This is my eighth visit to interzum guangzhou and so I am very familiar with the event. Relative to other events of its kind, interzum guangzhou offers more diversified products and more suppliers. During this trip, I’ve learned about the 2016 industry trends. With respect to last year, there are a lot more new materials this year that are worth checking out.“

    Mr. Chen Xiliang
    Guangzhou Yunxiang Furniture Co., Ltd.

    “As a frequent buyer at the trade fair, I’ve been visiting interzum guangzhou for many years. interzum guangzhou has many years of history with participating companies that are not only professional, but also diversified. This year, I attended the official forum at the international hall and was impressed by the speech delivered completely in Mandarin by Mr. Hadi of Deco Deco.“

    Mr. Wu Chunhua
    Chongqi Junyi Furniture Co., Ltd.

    “We’ve already been visiting interzum guangzhou for the last six years, but the event never fails to amaze us every time. The scale, number of exhibitors and range of products have been growing and providing us with more and better choices for our procurement. There has been a marked increase in the number of international exhibitors this year whom we could make bulk purchases from, ending up in considerable cost savings!“

    Ms. Lu Huifang
    Purchasing Manager
    Guangzhou Xiya Trading Co., Ltd.

    “This is my first visit to interzum guangzhou. The exhibition is very comprehensive, and international. We’ve found a lot of excellent suppliers. interzum guangzhou’s exhibitors span the medium and small enterprises as well as large corporations both from home and abroad. One will be able to find a suitable business partner be it for the domestic or international market.“

    Mr. Li Shu
    Production Manager
    Airland Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    “This is my fifth year visiting interzum guangzhou, and every year, I can learn about the latest industry development and product information, which is helpful for our product innovations. This year, we’ve expressed preliminary intention to cooperate with three manufacturers. The organizers did a good job with the fringe activities to facilitate information exchange. interzum guangzhou is attractive to participants in terms of its size as compared with similar events in other Chinese cities. Furthermore, exhibitors here have a higher quality with newer and more complete product range, which makes it easier for targeted procurement, resulting in a higher rate of striking successful deals at the event.“

    Mr. Denton Wu
    General Manager
    Qitian Trading Co., Ltd.

    “interzum guangzhou is a highly professional event showcasing targeted products. A lot of innovative technology can be seen at the exhibition, which plays a catalytic role in the development of the industry as well as our company.“

    Ms. Xiao En'en
    Sales Manager
    Foshan Youweige Furnishing Co., Ltd.

    “The organizer is very meticulous in their arrangements judging from the hall planning and on-site services. interzum guangzhou boasts a large number of exhibitors and rich exhibits. It is a great platform for the industry to exchange experiences.“

    Mr. Yang Wen

    “During this visit, I’ve updated myself with product information, such as the current mainstream products and future trends.“

    Mr. Guo Le
    General Manager of Central China
    Guangzhou Huashi Furnishing Co., Ltd.

    “This visit has helped us open and understand the current status of overseas markets. In particular, we saw a number of high quality products, which will aid in our innovations business.“

    Mr. Wang Guosheng
    Vice General Manager
    Xinxin Furnishing Co., Ltd.

    “Every time I visit interzum guangzhou, I am able to meet with a lot of potential customers.“

    Mr. Wang Guanghui
    Vice General Manager
    Beijing Century Jingtai Furniture Co., Ltd.

    “My visit to interzum guangzhou 2016 has helped me understand the development trend of the industry, which provides a good sense of direction for my company's future planning and development.“

    Mr. Charlie Schaetzle
    Bayport House

    “interzum guangzhou is very professional. I found products and suppliers that are suitable for our business.“

    Mr. Ahmed Tawfils
    Sales Manager
    OFFICE Engrnnivage Company

    “Visiting interzum guangzhou has helped our company to diversify our products for the China market.“

    Ms. Ozgur Sonmez
    Marketing Manager
    Ayhan Bilgin Chairs

    “Many thanks to the organizer of interzum guangzhou. The exhibition is very professional.“

    Mr. Shahul Hameed
    Managing Director
    BOSQ Ergonomic Living

    “Excellent! This is a new place where I’ve found many new products. I will visit again.“

    Ms. Jam
    Development Manager

    “interzum guangzhou is getting better and better. I would like to come here again.“

    Mr. Christos Providas

    “interzum guangzhou is a good platform for our company to develop our business in Asia!“

    Mr. Vijay Damodaran
    Associate Vice President
    SLK Global BPO Services Pvt Ltd.

    “Visiting interzum guangzhou was a good experience. There are lots of options to choose from at the show.“

    Mr. Jeevan

    “Many products at interzum guangzhou are suitable for our company. Seeing the actual products increases my confidence in doing business with the suppliers.“

    Mr. Nic Shamanth
    Foreht Denign Concept

    “Visiting interzum guangzhou is helpful for us in sourcing new materials and vendors.“

    Mr. Chalae
    Tevasihn Co. Ltd.

    “I'm very happy to visit interzum guangzhou. I’ve found a new supplier with a lower price for the same quality.“

    Mr. Carlo Shayes
    Product Designer

    “This visit to interzum guangzhou helps me to improve relations with clients and develop new businesses.“

    Mr. Givanni Di Lorenzo
    Product Manager
    Micro Detectors

    “interzum guangzhou is the trade fair I always have trust in.“

    Mr. Jonathan M.

    “At interzum guangzhou, we found new information about products and market trends, especially on the China market.“

    Mr. Ralf Urban

    “Thanks to the interzum guangzhou platform, my company's sales is growing. Better suppliers are found, and we’ve also obtained more information about the furniture industry.“

    Mr. Ahmed Adel

    “We found new suppliers and better quality products at interzum guangzhou, which is very helpful for us.“