Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2024 Award Finalists

interzum guangzhou Exclusive 2024

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Exhibitor:Aydın Tekstil
Product Description:CollaSEA

Hydrolized pure marine collagen bio-molecules derived from up-cycled raw materials sourced from sea bass skin. Produced using an eco-friendly manufacturing process known as supercritical extraction, ensuring solvent-free and no-heating procedures.

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Product Description:DPI desk panel

The DPI desk panel series for sit-stand desks takes innovation and performance to a new level. Streamlined design, intuitive and immediate adjustment via tilt panel, display, and built-in anti-collision sensor — all in one desk panel. With the free app, Desk Connect™, for iOS and Android, users can easily set up various functions, such as favourite positions, and enable automatic drive. Plug and play ready for DESKLINE CBD6S and IC systems. Also available in a simple version without display (DPI1K). Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the German Innovation Award.

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Product Description:Intelligent snoring control system

1) Sound analysis technology with local MCU to identify snoring
2) Vital signs detection helps sound analysis technology increase snoring detection accuracy
3) Automatically triggers anti-snore function

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Product Description:RAUKANTEX Pigmento edgeband

Ceramics, concrete, stone: the trend for textured, natural-looking and realistic surfaces continues to exist. However, in order to give an entire component this appropriate look, it is necessary to avoid the well-known ""frame effect"". This is created when the uni-coloured base material of the edgeband is exposed by milling the radius or a chamfer. We have developed RAUKANTEX pigmento edgeband exactly for this purpose.

RAUKANTEX Pigmento edgeband uses laser edge banding technology to create a zero adhesive appearance and give panel furniture an ultimate aesthetic feeling; By using innovative formulas and special processes, the edge banding process between the edge banding strip and the board is carried out using a colored milling radius to make the transition between the edge banding strip and the board surface more natural. The texture of the edge banding strip matches the decorative design of the colored substrate, grinding surface, exposed substrate and board, creating a completely seamless appearance. At the same time, it can eliminate negative characteristics such as high weight or brittleness of the substrate, not only pursuing the natural beauty of customized furniture, but also ensuring the stable performance of the product. The breakthrough in appearance design of RAUKANTEX Pigmento edgeband can be described as a huge innovation in the home furnishing industry.

Product advantages:
• Frame-free appearances thanks to pigmented milling radii, respectively chamfers
• Can match the texture of the board surface
• Provide proprietary design solutions for texture effects
• Perfect match in combination with the zero joint edgeband RAUKANTEX pro,using a polymer functional layer instead of glue, not only making the appearance of the board more beautiful, but also optimizing product quality and performance
• High quality performance: Strong UV stability, no yellowing; Very good adhesion even with hot air systems; Very good surface smoothness

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Product Description:RENOLIT GORCELL

RENOLIT GORCELL is a complex components consisting of flat surfaces and two-dimensional. It is extremely lightweight, waterproof and rot-resistant furniture components. It gives an ideal solution for seamless design throughout the interior.

* The list is in product alphabetical order.

Outstanding Furniture Accessories 2024

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Product Description:ACREX PRO & ACREX MILD

Design Concept: Solution of Solid color for Surface effect For Surface effect, we can divide two purposes with solid color collection; Matt Texture and Soft touch effect. Feeling of Matt texture and soft touch can be maximized based on color. With color groups for each product, we can invite customers more highly emotional context with different color.

(1) ACREX PRO with achromatic color to maximized matt texture Achromatic color can maximize matt texture with special coating way. Also, matt texture can be appeal by very low glossy level. ACREX PRO focuses on how to make low glossy level in different angle. When we compare other films, ACREX PRO has similar level of glossy level in different angle. 20 Degree : ACREX PRO (0.2 Glossy level) VS Other film (5.0 Glossy level) 60 Degree : ACREX PRO (1.2 Glossy level) VS Other film (4.3 Glossy level) 85 Degree : ACREX PRO (2.2 Glossy level) VS Other film (18.7 Glossy level) Different glossy level can give different feeling of matt texture and seems to be different colors. In other words, ACREX PRO can give same color tone in different angel and can emphasize matt texture than other products.

(2) ACREX MILD with pastel color to maximized soft touch effect. Pastel color tone can make soft feeling as visual effect. PRINTECH KR want to make more warm and soft feeling with visual and sense of touch. For sense of touch, we applied new technology of coating. PVC film has similar effect like soft touch grade. But, PVC film has weakness for solvent resistance and stain resistance. ACREX MILD has better performance in terms of properties than other film. For visual effect, ACREX MILD has pastel color tones to give soft feeling as much as possible. In short, ACREX MILD is consist of soft touch feeling with ""design element"".

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Product Description:ALFAMELT® 2580 100% PP

ALFAMELT® 2850/9 is a hotmelt adhesive made of 100% polypropylene (PP) and represents a novelty in the industry — a 100% recycling solution for hotmelt bonding of pocket spring cores made of polypropylene. Thanks to its mono-material characteristic, the pocket spring core can easily and completely be fed into the recycling process at the end of its useful life cycle.
ALFAMELT® 2850/9 adhesive once again enables SIMALFA to support our customers in developing fully recyclable products in keeping with our commitment to sustainability.

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Product Description:Cantara

Fish skin leather is a highly sustainable raw material. However, so far only 1% of the world's leather products are made from sustainable fish skins and fish skin products.
Interprint always be committed to ""sustainability"" therefore we have developed a typical material — fishskin, in the hope that more people will recognize and accept fishskin products.
Let’s look back the history, most of the traditional traditional decorative paper skin patterns are based on terrestrial creatures. We have come up with Cantara, an innovative design of leather from sea creatures.

It is inspired by the rare pearl stingray skin, which has surface of looks like a pearl inlaid on it, and shining when swims.
The inherent irregularity of the pearl scales brings out the wildness, while the unique fullness of the pearl grains allows it to blend silky smooth into a multitude of styles.
Cantara has a natural sense of design. The subtle interplay of the fish scales and the leather, the finished surface is transformed into luxurious crafts. Definitely it is the most outstanding of the many natural leathers decorative paper skin patterns.

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Exhibitor:SIGE SPA
Product Description:EDGE

Sartorial, practical and contemporary, the Edge collection makes molecularity its distinctive component. The minimal and telescopic elements adapt to all spaces and tastes of those who seek functionality, usability but do not want to give up on the style. Designed to contain and organize, drawers, trouser racks, skirt racks, shoe racks and laundry racks-are all removable, extract-able and cushioned - they marry technology and elegance. The rubber profiles of the frames and the rods and the special trays material dampen noise and protect both garments and accessories.

The semi-glossy, vibrant warm gray metal, which characterizes all the elements of the collection, is an additional touch of charm, capturing light in soft gleams and enhancing the soft and warm style of the sleeping area, drawing evocative geometries that cuddle clothes and accessories in an endless aesthetic liaison. DESIGN BY ANDREA FEDERICI

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Product Description:Fineflex

Fineflex meets all the requirements for a modern and environmentally friendly decorative surface. And, it's made in Germany! With the merger of Fine Decor and Schattdecor years of design expertise in the field of solid colors and decor printing have come together, along with pioneering technology, for the production of sustainable lacquer laminate surfaces. The two companies are united in their first joint product — Fineflex.

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Exhibitor:Lion Rock
Product Description:FS0105-CW Recliner Mechanism

Manual or optional motorized version. Achieve different positions, sitting, relaxing and lying. Moving armrest enables the best lying function experience. Modern, simple and slim designs, enables more flexible chair designs. More optional bases available and levers to meet different demands.

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Product Description:HARTMANN INK

Affiliated to SunChemical®, a subsidiary of DIC Group, the world's largest ink company. Founded in 1905, Developer of water-based inks for decorative paper Innovator of the melamine impregnation process Trusted by many high-end home furnishing manufacturers

First choice for high quality decorative paper printing.
Excellent grinding process
Good ink transparency
Unique extender formulation
High light fastness resistance
Green environmental protection and safety

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Product Description:High back high foot zero wall function sofa iron frame -28910

1. The combination of the travel increase of the backrest mechanism and the drive mechanism (patented technology) realizes the sofa completely zero against the wall function;
2. The movable backrest is the first (patented technology) of Remi. When the sofa is switched between sitting position and lying position, the seat cushion and the backrest move synchronously. No matter the sofa is in full lying position or TV position, there is no gap between the seat cushion and the backrest;

3. In the process of opening the sofa, there is no relative position between the seat cushion and the backrest, resulting in the user's coat pulling out, thereby providing a comfortable experience of zero rubbing;
4. The functional iron frame is based on the principle of low carbon and environmental protection, all parts are Q235B material and environmentally friendly plastic bushing can be recycled, and the utilization rate of parts typesetting can reach more than 80%;
5. The parts process is continuous die automatic processing, safe operation, high production efficiency and low cost.

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Exhibitor:Tianan New Material
Product Description:KEIRE Pro

In the era of determined consumption, people are generally opposed to casual consumption and are weighing consumption decisions more consciously. Consumers will pay more attention to product quality, durability, flexibility, sustainability and environmental protection. Tianan New Materials, launches [KEIRE Pro] sensible decor film in line with market demand. Tianan's products strictly follow the standards required by the national standard GB, EU REACH and EU ROHS, and are scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, light-resistant, non-fading and non-yellowing after long-term use, and use scientific data to control batch-to-batch color difference. The products do not contain halogenated flame retardants (such as PBBs and PBDEs),

biohazardous accumulation plasticizers (such as DBP/BBP/DEHP/DIBP), gaseous harmful substances (such as VOC GB18586-200) and heavy metals (such as lead, mercury) , cadmium, selenium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel and hexavalent chromium, etc.) to ensure that they are safe and harmless to the human body and the environment. The accumulation and precipitation of technology based on the dual guarantee of chemical and physical properties, has created unlimited possibilities for Tianan to create a green, low-carbon and sustainable future, thereby better fulfilling the corporate mission: Tech and art create a better life.

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Product Description:Mattress Fabric

"Mattress fabric is use on mattress, its have two types: woven and knit fabric. There are many designs can be choose, and also can be as your require, the width normally from 2 to 2.4M for knit, 2.1-2.3M width for woven, the weight for knit is from 140-over 1000GSM, the weight for woven normally is from 80-200GSM, if need more higher, also can be. "

CIFM / guangzhou-interzum

Experience the ultimate in sleep innovation with our mattress ticking fabric. Featuring advanced cooling technology and carbon yarn, it keeps you comfortably cool while ensuring a restful night's sleep. Say hello to rejuvenation and uninterrupted rest, night after night.

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Exhibitor:HD Hardware
Product Description:Slim metal box 05B.01.023

The revolutionary Slim metal box is a breakthrough product in the industry, material used is cold-rolled steel Sheet, designed for high-end drawer systems. Independently developed and manufactured by our factory. With proprietary patents, it addresses and improves the shortcomings of conventional Slim metal box on the market. Optimization of structure and function of contralateral side panel adjuster, It features a built-in damper for extended lifespan, leading the industry in both appearance and functionality. The production line is located in our factory in Qingyuan, utilizing the most advanced fully automated production line in the current market.

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Product Description:TECHNOMELT PUR 270/8D

TECHNOMELT PUR 270 Series is of excellent initial tack, slow curing and zero bond line. This series avoids frequently tank cleaning which enables easy maintenance allowing it to become the right choice where high-quality edge banding is of essential importance. Meanwhile, with its high bonding strength and low viscosity, TECHNOMELT PUR 270 Series can be used at a low application weight and low operation temperature enabling customers to stay cost-competitive. After repeated testing in multiple regions and wide temperate zone, Henkel has launched a more excellent low-temperature edge banding solution: TECHNOMELT PUR 270/8D to help furniture industry meet the challenges of edge banding in winter.

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Exhibitor:Lien A
Product Description:Ultra-low protein Latex mattress-L'A DOME

Ultra Low Antigenic Protein Natural Latex
Natural Latex contains a small amount of non-rubbers, which includes a variety of protein and has played a role in the biosynthesis and stabilization of rubber latex within the vessels of the tree. Latex allergies can be developed through repeated exposure to the antigenic proteins that naturally occur in natural latex. By reducing the antigenic proteins in the raw natural latex liquid, a person's risk of latex allergy can be significantly reduced.

How to develop anti-allergic Natural Latex?
Lien'A R & D department developed a proprietary blend, which binds with the non-rubber particles in the natural latex compound and this is subsequently removed during the concentration process; creating a revolutionary natural latex with all the properties of natural latex, but without the allergy-causing proteins. The result is: ultra-low antigenic protein natural latex.

A peaceful thought for your beloved ones.
The company's green process produces ultra-low antigenic protein natural latex, which is substantially free of proteins while retaining all the positive attributed of natural latex, thus making it the eco-friendly material of choice. Added benefits are that the reduced non-rubber content of this revolutionary natural latex eliminates the natural rubber odor and has a whiter color and ultra-low antigenic protein natural latex is biodegradable and non-toxic.

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Product Description:W36 Multifunctional Bian Stone Remote

Multifunctional / Health Care
Recliner control / Bianstone Thermal Massage / User Friendly for Elderly Consumers
1. Bian Stone Acupuncture Massage Low frequency vibration, hyperthermia (heat therapy) Ultrasonic point-to-point
acupressure 2. Perfect fit for side or top of Furniture arm or console
3. Fast charging interface is quick and convenient
4. Find my remote
5. Easy to reset
6. Pairs with the control box and charges once remote is back to its home

* The list is in product alphabetical order.