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Annual List Finalists

2021-2022 Annual List Finalists

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Exhibitor:DewertOkin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Product Description:Mechatronics

OKIN’s new generation product, Mechatronics, is a pioneer in the industry, which aims to provide cost-effective functional products with multiple patents and structural optimization. It could be applied in motion for support and seat extension.

1. Mechatronics made a breakthrough in actuator material, which contributes to a small but powerful housing. It reduces stroke, pipe, aluminum profile, stroke clevis. And spindle nut and worm wheel are integrated to make a better motion upholstery.
2. Three optional standard configurations could be applied in headrest, lumber and seat to meet diverse needs of customers for the motion upholstery. It can replace 80% of mechanism in the market.
3. Compared to traditional actuator, Mechatronics helps cost saving, solving the problem of rising material cost and reducing 15% of installation time.
4. Technically, it provides new thinking of structural optimization, leading the technical revolution. And in terms of design trends, it offers the integrated design concepts for smart furniture designers.
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Exhibitor:LINAK (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems Ltd.
Product Description:Desk Control™ App

By downloading the LINAK® Desk Control™ App, desk users come one step closer to changing their prolonged and often unhealthy sitting behavior. Via Bluetooth® wireless technology, the app allows the users to connect their desks either to their iOS or Android mobile devices, or to their PC (Windows 10). Once the app is installed, friendly reminders will help the user to change position frequently, while on-the-fly statistics show daily achievements.

As well as adjusting desk height, the user can also store favorite positions in the app, thus improving ergonomics by using the optimal work heights – whether sitting or standing. The LINAK Desk Control™ App is designed to help the user build a healthy routine by reminding him/her to use the sit-stand function during the working day.
The free app comes in multiple languages and is available for three different platforms:
iOS for iPhones and iPads
Android for Android smartphones and tablets
Microsoft® Windows 10 for PCs
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Product Description:Cinetto PS66 Sliding system for retractable doors

This product is designed to solve the problem of the bottom runner is hard to clean and the top runner is not nice.This product is without the top runner and the bottom runner, the frame is inside the wall,invisible. The door can be wood or glass.

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Exhibitor:Italiana Ferramenta Srl
Product Description:Kiaro Fox

Kiaro Fox is an opening system for drop down doors with a concealed mechanism which allows to adjust the settings depending on door weight and dimension, thus enabling to manage a wide range of doors with only one reference. As it is a two-handed mechanism, it can be installed both on right and left side. A high resistance technical wire grants a significant loading capacity together with minimal shapes and elegant design. The mechanism is supplied with an aluminium profile with extremely reduced dimensions, which requires a special grooving on the side panel and creates a minimum visual impact on the cabinet side, thus becoming the smartest solution among Kiaro versions.

FEATURES AND BENEFITSMINIMAL AND ELEGANT DESIGN: Wire opening system with reduced size and elegant shapes, becoming an element of design for the whole cabinet. OPTIMIZED STOCK MANAGEMENT: One reference to cover a wide range of door weights and dimensions. TWO-HANDED MECHANISM: The same mechanism can be installed both on right and left side. HANDLELESS DOORS: Just one K PUSH TECH enables the door opening, with any door weight and size. WIDE ADJUSTMENT: The mechanism allows a wide adjustment of the opening angle.
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Exhibitor:Rehau Polymers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Product Description:RAUKANTEX PRO

Raukantex Pro is a disruptive innovative Edgeband and doesn’t need hotmelt to process. The functional layer invented by Rehau can be melted via heat and penetrated into chip gap and formed a strong anchoring effect with board. Due to the premium performance of Rehau functional layer, the board with Raukantex Pro has a perfect appearance without glueline and very good heat and water resistance. Raukantex Pro enabled an elegant beauty of panel furniture.

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Exhibitor:Titus GuangDong Components Co. Ltd
Product Description:Titus System 6

New Titus System 6 square design is modern and elegant and at the same time allows a larger surface of the product to rest on the panel when tightened to achieve optimal position parallel to board surface.Using the push-in Quickfit Expando dowel it is the fastest and the easiest way for home assembly of cabinets, and they can beeasily removed without panel damage. The ‘angledrive feature’ on the cam allows for the ‘angled position’ of the screwdriver with the locking action creating a tight and secure fit

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Product Description:Steri-Doc

In the post-epidemic era, people pay more attention to hygiene and disinfection. Personal items such as mobile phones, keychains, wallets, etc. that are in daily contact with each other need to be disinfected when they return home. This disinfection box integrates multiple functions, such as sockets, wireless charging, and disinfection. Convenient and fast, can match with sofa, coffee table orbedside table, it is designed to have an excellent effect, high-tech and beautiful. 

Functions: 1. Disinfection and sterilization 2. Socket USB Type-C 3. Wireless charging
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Product Description:Flush Door System MFU1200

Design concept: Japanese minimalist design, deconstructing the storage space aesthetics
Product features
1. Integrated door and wall invisible door
The integrated design of the door and wall creates a unique invisible door, which integrates into the wall when closing the door and creates a smooth vision in one go to achieve a unified aesthetic feeling of high-end atmosphere.

There is no need to install handle on the surface, which can be opened by nudging, endowing the space with advanced texture and powerful functionality.
Break through the traditional sliding door design, provide more design space for designers to play, can flexibly correspond to various scenes.
2. Gently open and close, smooth sliding
There is a long damping stroke of 100mm when opening and closing, creating a smooth feeling of operation in both directions. 3. Mute design
The product will be upgraded in 2021 to focus more on ""silent mode"" and listen to the essence of life
4. Size upgrade, wide range of application
Can correspond to 70KG door, to meet the requirements of the market specification of moving door.
5. Less accessories, simple installation, convenient maintenance
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Exhibitor:Zhangjiagang Coolist Life Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Description:Bio-based Foam

We treasure the wisdom and value of human beings. We concern about the protection of intellectual property and actively apply for patents. From Taking “Safety, health environment protection” as the main development principle, to the intern platform offered to major universities, and to the introduction of talents as well as the construction of partnership among suppliers, clients and staffs, we advocate the philosophy of “Service One”, Caring for people and striving for credit.

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Exhibitor:Impress Surfaces Gmbh
Product Description:vermilion

Vermilion is a very versatile and unique plywood design with many coloring options. The wood grain runs all­over with generous, sweeping color movement, which supports the effect of the ombre effect bold color gradients. Generous, full saturation color combinations and blending are what make Vermillion a fascinating decor. Its colour palette ranges from soft natural and pastel hues to strong and contrasting colour combinations.

The decor is suitable for both flooring and furniture, as it truly adapts its style with every unique color combination.
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Exhibitor:Richard Pieris Natural Foam Limited
Product Description:ARPICO 100% Natural Latex

100% Natural latex mattresses, toppers and pillows

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Exhibitor:BOYTEKS Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Product Description:VEGAN Mattress Ticking

Boytek's vegan mattress fabric was developed with this awareness in mind and is a nature and animal-friendly product that does not contain any animal raw materials. Additionally, no animal tests were carried out on vegan mattress fabrics. The vegan feature of our fabric has been certified by an international organization. This product aims to protect both animal rights and sustainable production.

Vegan mattress ticking is designed to keep us sleeping soundly and healthfully without harming people, the planet or animals. Thanks to Boyteks' cutting edge technology and environmentally friendly approach, vegan mattress ticking is designed to create a better sleep environment without harming people, the planet or animals. 
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- 100% Natural Latex Pillow& Mattress, NO synthetic material used

- Long-Lasting stability, highly durable, comfortable

- Environment trendy, bio degradable, no toxic substances, ECO Institut GMBH, Germany Certificate also GOLS (Organic)

- good resilience, have highest performance standard, TUV Rheinland LGA Product GMBH Germany certificate  

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Exhibitor:Jowat SE
Product Description:Jowatherm-Reaktant® 607.40

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 607.40 is an PUR hot melt of Jowat for all requirements in edgebanding, since 2002. The reactive hot melt adhesive based on polyurethane meets superior requirements regarding moisture and heat resistance. Jowatherm-Reaktant® 607.40 is an PUR hot melt for edgebanding with very good initial strength, excellent flexibility at low temperatures, and good resistance to solvents. Depending on humidity and material moisture, crosslinking takes place within a few days. 

- Easy processing due to excellent thermal stability (less cleaning required);  
- Top quality in edgebanding for water resistance ‘Zero bond line’;  
- Available as white version: Jowatherm-Reaktant® 607.41.
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HPL Bonded MDF ( AF texture) Moisture resistant MDF board covered with an HPL sheet with an anti-fingerprint finish. The front and backside of the boards are produced with the same color. Decor range: 12 decors with texture AF/BS and AF/PE Dimensions: Boards size: 3050 x 1310 mm; Thickness 20 & 38 mm; 0.8 mm HPL thickness ( both sides) Application:  Horizontal & vertical applications: Office furniture;

dining tables; wall panelling; office furnitureADVANTAGES • Velvety texture with a luxurious soft-touch effect and an anti-fingerprint finish (AF) • 100% coordinated range with the Kronodesign collection • High quality anti-fingerprint HPL on top • Hot melt PUR (Polyurethane adhesive) technology - achieves excellent bonding and ensures flat surface with moisture protection • Back side – standard HPL with same color with grainy or silk texture based on the design • FSC Moisture Resistant MDF base board • Matching edging, specially designed for the Feelness Collection • Covered with PE foil for extra protection of the board surface • Supplementary products – ABS Edging by Rehau
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Exhibitor:LX Hausys
Product Description:LX Hausys Decorative Film For Furniture

LX Hausys DECO FOIL (Decorative PET Film For Furniture) is an environmentally friendly product,officially awardedthe certifications of"Environmental Label" and "Green Building Materials" , creating a safe and secure living space through colorful design and superior performance.LX Hausys DECO FOIL has been replacing PVC for more than 10 years and is the best material for 3D molding, 2D wrapping and 1D flat lamination processes at the same time. The thickened PET is already comparable in appearance to Acrylic.

The basic production process has no additives, therefore PET is almost harmless to humans. Product quality is stable, processors can be more assured to use.LX Hausys DECO FOIL PET Furniture Film has been providing production and sales services to customers worldwide for more than 30 years and has been recognized by the industry's core customer base by participating in internationally renowned exhibitions.LX Hausys DECO FOIL has realistic paint effect, super dirt-resistant, super fingerprint-resistant, super scratch-resistant, light-resistant and other features.
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Product Description:Loreley

Loreley is a premium stone decor. The surface has a natural and rough look. The numerous details, traces of weathering and visible seams between the individual layers of slate demonstrate its authenticity and create an impressive 3D effect. Loreley charms in bold colours as well as in calmer tones and is excellent for both fronts and worktops. This design is named after Loreley, a slate rock on the bank of the River Rhine near St. Goarshausen in Germany, which has inspired many myths and legends. The rock is part of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.

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Exhibitor:Henkel (China) Investment
Product Description:TECHNOMELT PUR 4506

Henkel innovative adhesive solution for flat lamination, TECHNOMELT PUR 4506, with excellent initial tack, wide range of substrate choices and all-year-round temperature coverage. 1- Applied to wide range of substrates, incl., PVC, PET, MDF, WPC, SPC, Melamine board etc. 2- Excellent initial tack with no rebound leads to higher production efficiency and product quality 3- One product with all-year-round temperature coverage eliminates the need of changing product constantly 4- Excellent transparency characteristic brings more aesthetic furniture appearance.

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Product Description:Vintage Original

* Design Concept
Respected, repurposed & upcycled” - The ecological answer to interior design trends Revive old materials and give them a new lease of life, while respecting the past. This is the true spirit of the Oak Vintage look. Oak beams which have been used in the railway system for many decades are now processed into veneer with a rich past and warm look.

* Product information
Querkus is a collection of decorative oak veneered panels. For Oak Vintage Original only genuine old oak beams which have been used in various constructions for many decades are now processed into veneer with a rich past and warm look. The pronounced characteristics and open joints are inherent in this product. Available in 1mm and 1,5mm veneers.
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Exhibitor:Suzhou Nan Juen Trade Co., Ltd.
Product Description:Kitchen Island

Design Concept: The Kitchen Island is flexible and multifunctional. In addition, the sliding worktop and moving counter can be used in a variety of different occasions.

Material: Iron, Aluminum
Drawer: A: The metal drawer box with the undermount drawer slides could make the drawer close softly and effortlessly.
B: The wire basket with undermount drawer slides is not only practical and beauty.
The function of kitchen island: Linear movement and rotation The specification of Kitchen Island: length200cm Width100cm Height:100cm