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2023 Award Finalists

Outstanding Furniture Accessories 2023

* The list is in alphabetical order.

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Product Description:AI Zero-pressure Sofa

1. Millimeter wave FMCW radar technology:
(1) Short-distance monitoring can improve the accurate data algorithm, no remote testing, and can reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation.
(2) The back of the human body chest undulation, to monitor heart rate and breathing data application algorithm integration, plus structure hidden design, combined with the aesthetic and perfect design.
(3) Data platform APP application design, simple setting operation, reminder of health data, remote family care design.

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Product Description:Audio Leg-Boost

▪Bluetooth Music Playback
▪Suitable for various sofa feet
▪Perfectly hidden at the bottom
▪Extended application

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Product Description:Bio-based Foam

It is a kind of bio-based zero-degree foam with slow rebound foam, which has low compression, strong support and low temperature comfort. American and Chinese invention patents.

(1) Good SAG FACTOR (support index), relying on IFD index to make the strength gradient smooth, adapt to wider range of people;
(2) Super Soft, ultra-low surface hardness, minimum compression on human nerve and blood system;
(3) Low temperature sensitivity, hardness will not be affected by the change of environmental temperature, in different environmental temperature, maintain stable comfort;
(4) ≥95% opening cell rate, so that the air can freely in and out, more elastic, better resilience.

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Product Description:HC3100 Wireless Handset with Sleek Design

The HC3100 is a self-developed product of limoss, it’s environmental friendly. HC3100 is a wireless handset with sleek design. It doesn’t need a power supply or a battery for it to work. It generates electricity each time when you pressing the button.Using this green product will reduce the battery disposal, which is important and why we are making this.

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Product Description:Henkel Sustainable Mattress solution: TECHNOMELT AS 4998 & 3105

TECNOMELT AS 3105 is designed for pocket coil. Its breakthrough include:
1. The adhesive (PP system) can be recycled together with the non-woven fabric of the pocket coil contributing to Circularity.
2. Its lower operate temperature and lower adhesive consumption ensure production efficiency improvement. Meanwhile, the product ensures better bonding strength which provide better mattress quality and durability. TECNOMELT AS 4998 is designed for foam bonding. Its breakthroughs include:
1. Lower operating temperature assures lower energy consumption during production.
2. Lower adhesive consumption with better bonding strength contributes to production cost-savings and increase of production efficiency.
3. Better initial bonding strength and good bonding strength for foam which are easy to rebound ensure better mattress quality and durability.

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Product Description:L7 Invisible Connector

This is product is a furniture connector. Our idea for designing this connector is: we want to design an invisible connector, which must have these function: detachable, self-clamping and slide-in insertion. And the clamping force is higher. In addition, the processing of manufactory must be easy; the assembling for end user should be convenient.

Basing this idea, we get this “L7 invisible connector”. This connector can be universal using for furniture, drawer, wood-grating.
For manufactories processing, just making a slot; and drilling two holes can finish producing. The connector can be pre-install in the board.
Regarding assembling, for furniture, basing on the furniture structure, the frame panel we can be installed basing on the self-clamping function of connector. And the center panel could be slide-in insertion.
For drawer, all the board is slide-in for installing. And only 5 board could be finishing assembling-saving 1 board.
For wood-grating, using the self-clamping function, just pressing the wood-grating onto the connector.
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Product Description:LDD-V100 Damper

Applicable door weight 40~100kg.
Damper for embedded indoor flat door with no body visible outside after closing the door (there is also LDD-V type suitable for door weight /15~40kg).
Close the door slowly and reliably using the damping function and the door pull-back function before the door closes completely.
It's easier to open doors than to close them.
Can be used with a cross concealed dark hinge.

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Exhibitor:Lien A
Product Description:Lien A Natural Latex Mattress – Classic Model

Lien A products are made with 100% natural latex. The Classic model is produced with a special combination structure of square and round pinholes to provide higher aeration and lower heat absorption to ensure you feel cool while sleeping.

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Product Description:OVVO furniture connection system

OVVO products are a range of cleverly engineered, award-winning, invisible connectors that make joining wood simple. The connectors are installed during the manufacturing process so the end-user can simply click together cabinets, shop fit-out components, door frame assemblies or furniture without the need for tools, screws, or glues. The result is an accessible, sustainable product that saves time, money and effort for consumers and manufacturers alike.Manufacturers can also benefit from significantly reduced shipping costs, as items can be shipped flat-packed. The latest addition to the OVVO product family is the new DRILLING HOUSING (DH1) which is specifically designed to work in standard drill patterns. The DH1 works along with the RD12 (End Boring) or the RN12 (Face Boring) to form a permanent joint in 15mm panels and above. These new connectors make it even easier for manufacturers to incorporate OVVO into their standard processes. No additional equipment or capital needed to deliver tools free assembly products to the end customer.

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Product Description:SIMALFA® Overspray-Free System

For a clean and efficient production with water-based adhesives

Traditional adhesives create overspray due to poor adhesive quality and inefficient equipment. The adhesive diffuses into the air and is not fully applied to the substrate. Reducing adhesive waste (and therefore costs) and keeping the production floor clean are among the greatest of these challenges.
SIMALFA® offers a full range of overspray-free solutions providing many benefits.

interzum guangzhou Recommends 2023

* The list is in alphabetical order.

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Product Description:ACREX FILM

ACREX FILM(Film For Furniture surface) is an environmentally friendly and recycle product. Acrylates as raw material developed together with LG Chemical, production technology (Surface, coating and printing) made by PRINTECHKR, whose colorful design give people more selection on furniture, also with excellent performance on lightfastness, chemical resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, and high scratch resistance, anti-finger, super matt.
ACREX FILM is the best solution of décor film to use for 1D flat lamination process, 2 D wrapping, and 3D Membrane. The thickness of ACREX film is between 0.1~0.4mm. "

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Product Description:Arvadonna Chestnut AD

Arvadonna Chestnut AD, a synchronized embossing texture for a new Kronospan melamine-faced board collection inspired by a reclaimed American chestnut barn wood found in Pennsylvania for а rustic charm and tasteful character enhanced by three-dimensional, low-luster texture and the extra-deep pores that follow the straight-grained pattern of the four Arvadonna Chestnut decors that are equally attractive in the contemporary hues of grey and brown or in bolder and darker colorations of orange and black, making them suitable for a wide variety of uses.

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Product Description:Flagstaff Oak

Silver, gold or bronze – modern flooring decors deliver a new on top: Effect pigments! They provide exciting moments and an iridescent look when partially used in wood or stone decors. This unique look is created by the special emphasis on natural structures, such as stone veins or knot inclusions, with a metallic effect. Canyon Flagstaff Oak has undergone an interesting material symbiosis. Its special tin look is created by the interplay with silver effects. Decors with an old wood look are also in demand. This modern yet rustic flooring combines two exciting trends, and is also available as a furniture decor in an even more rustic form.

Rustic and modern: striking cracks and knots with a metallic effect create a special look and give the classic among furniture decors, oak, a new level of exclusivity. The exciting symbiosis of materials creates tension in interiors. Flagstaff Oak is the all-rounder for home life and impresses with its mixture of old wood look and effect pigment. With Flagstaff Oak we are orienting ourselves towards the trend for metallic effects in the surfacing area. Reclaimed wood served as the basis and, due to its aging structure, offered an ideal template. The distinctive cracks and knots reinforce the resulting rusticity and are particularly emphasized by the tin-like inclusions. Whether as a kitchen block, tabletop or floor (we have added a somewhat quieter, modern version of the Canyon Flagstaff Oak décor) – the decor ensures a modern look that gives the home not only elegance, but also a very solid character. The emphasis on rusticity and its robust, handcrafted look radiate warmth, durability and grounding. The Flagstaff Oak decor is also available as edge banding or as thermoforming film.

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Exhibitor:Lion Rock
Product Description:Hidden footrest mechanism

Patent design from Germany.
Applying to high-leg sofas, with additional footrest extension function by easy installation.
Easy operation by one motor.

Pass SGS load and durability test.
The footrest is hidden under the seat of the sofa to maintain the overall beauty of the sofa and provide more choices for the design of the soft sofa with functions.
With hinge for adjustment of backrest position to increase seat depth, experiencing more comfortable lying function.

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Product Description:Jowapur® 150.90

Polyurethane dispersions are a heterogeneous mixture of at least two substances which do not or barely dissolve or react chemically with each other.
One and two component reactive dispersions impress with superior heat and moisture resistance due to the chemical crosslinking reaction in the adhesive in addition to the physical setting process.
The one and two component reactive polyurethane adhesives from the Jowapur® series are characterized by relatively low reactivation temperatures, excellent film formation, and high initial strength.
The one component Jowapur® polyurethane dispersions provide a wide range of benefits for processors and have been the state of the art in the lamination of 3D-formed furniture fronts now.

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Product Description:LINAK Desk2Device USB charger

The Desk2Device USB Charger is a charging unit with one USB Type-A and two USB Type-C connector outputs. As the charger is connected to the Control Box CBD6S, it draws power directly from the desk and no extra power supply is needed.

The charger can charge devices such as mobile phones, laptops, power banks, headsets, and other accessories, and it helps reduce cable clutter and provides better power access.

The Desk2Device USB Charger comes with two different mounts (flat and angled) and offers different mounting options. Choose between C-clamp (accessory) for mounting on top of the desk, or screws for mounting under the tabletop.

The Desk2Device USB Charger comes without power and charging cables. Connect your preferred DC-bus cable to the Desk2Device USB Charger and to the control box to supply power to the charger.

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Product Description:Scratch. protect

The innovative scratch.protect surface is available in a range from 3 to 12 gloss levels for all processing methods and all polypropylene and ABS edgeband ranges and brings with it a multitude of product benefits. There are no problems with the smoothing out of the edgeband surface or the associated shiny spots caused by tracers. Protective film designed to protect the surface against scratches or abrasion is no longer required. This results in significantly more stable processing. When equipped with scratch.protect technology, the edgeband contributes to the component’s high quality.

In day-to-day life, the edgeband is subjected to a lot of stress: scratches, fingerprints or areas that are polished smooth are all visual signs of age in furniture. With RAUKANTEX scratch.protect, REHAU offers an extremely long-lasting solution. An ultra-fine, consistent texture gives the edgebands an elegant, matt look and a pleasant, soft feel, while also boasting anti-fingerprint technology and increased scratch resistance. This means that cleaning is also effortless, as dirt particles cannot settle. REHAU has raised the quality of the surface finish to a whole new level, ensuring that there is no shine on the edgebands, even at extremely flat viewing angles.

Outstanding Furniture Accessories 2023* The list is in alphabetical order.Exhibitor:DewertOkinProduct Description:AI Zero-pressure Sofa 1. Millimeter wave FMCW radar technology: (1) Short-distance mon