Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2024 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fittings

    Italiana Ferramanta

    “Our company wanted to promote the new concept of design and this is the best way to make the competition. Top players in the furniture field come here and want to learn more and more of our product. I believe that this is a very good event and good opportunity for the international and local people.”

    Area Manager
    Antonio Fincato

    “We have been exhibiting in interzum guangzhou since 2015. The start of this year is very positive. We will focus on the next years in China and Asia.”

    Assistant to MD
    Thanaktt Janethana-Arthakij

    “There will be more market share for our company, because interzum guangzhou is one of the biggest of the furniture exhibition so of course people around the world gonna come to this exhibition.”

    Pessotto Reti
    Business Development Manager
    Alberto Pessotto

    “Through interzum guangzhou, we see a lot of potential buyers in the Asian market and particularly in China for those product. Here, everyone who has an interest and see potential in the product is a possible partner for us. So it's very important for us to be here because the market in Asia is booming.”

  • Materials and Components for Interior Works

    Schattdecor China
    Yi Zhu

    “We have been exhibiting at interzum guangzhou for 15 years and have some long-standing clients who have joined us here to delve into industry trends. We have also met new and potential clients, including those from abroad who are not yet fully acquainted with our offerings. interzum guangzhou helps foster understanding and interaction among us. We remain confident in China’s development in the coming years.”

    Munksjo Group
    Dr. Manfred Bracher

    “The fair is very busy, and we are very happy to host a lot of our customers here. We see more and more players in the field, and they expand and invest heavily. It's a very important fair in order to increase our market share.”

    Yongfeng Yang

    “interzum guangzhou is an international furniture production fair. It’s an exhibition with influence. Excellent companies, designers and technical teams all come to visit the exhibition. We are very satisfied with interzum guangzhou.”

    Interprint (China) Decorative Materials Co. ,Ltd.
    Marketing Supervisor
    Cindy Xu

    “The global expertise of interzum guangzhou makes it a standout event in our industry. That's precisely why we decided to join. It has enriched our communication with clients, broadened our reach to a diverse audience, and facilitated connections with numerous new customers.”

    Business Development Manager
    Claudio Notarnicola

    “We are very much satisfied about the participation of this exhibition because we have the opportunity to promote much more our product being the design. By this participation we have the opportunity to be in touch with much more customers, both Chinese and also foreigners, in the Southeast Asian market. Definitely we do believe very much in the participation of interzum guangzhou.”

    Denny Lim

    “For sure I think interzum guangzhou is very efficient because Guangzhou, the location, is very good. It has been near the other Asian country. We find the good material and better designs here in the exhibition.”

    REHAU Polymers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd Sales Manager Jinhong Luo
    “I believe interzum guangzhou has been in Guangzhou since 2004, and we've been exhibiting almost yearly. It's an excellent networking platform, giving us the chance to showcase our innovative products to both new and existing clients. This enables us to attract new customers while also meeting with our loyal ones.”

  • Pneumatic Components

    LINAK China
    Simon Jenkinson

    “interzum guangzhou is definitely one of the shows that we need to be a part of. A lot of our key customers, our clients, a lot of the markets we are targeting are here. So, for us it’s really a no brainer that we need to be present at interzum guangzhou.”

  • Accessories for Furniture Upholstery

    Boyteks Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.S
    Brand Manager
    Aydin AYDIN

    “We are very pleased with the effect of the interzum guangzhou. We’ve been exhibiting the interzum guangzhou since 2009. We are very pleased with the number and quality of visitors.”

    Lalan Eco-Latex(Pvt) Ltd.
    Marketing & Product Dev. Mar
    John Kang

    “interzum guangzhou plays a crucial role in expanding our business and significantly amplifying our visibility. We're grateful for this platform and intend to participate regularly!”

    Global Textile Alliance (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Vice President

    “interzum guangzhou perfectly aligns with our product range! The audience quality has notably risen compared to last year, drawing in clients from across the globe. It's one of the two key exhibitions we participate in in China, and we’ve been making it a point to be here every year. It significantly aids in our market expansion efforts.”

  • Adhesives, Paints and Other Chemical Materials

    Jowat (Beijing) Adhesives Co.,Ltd.
    Vice President Asia Pacific
    Dr. Ralf Schelbach

    "We are a long-term company on this occasion and we are still quite happy with the interzum guangzhou organization. It is very well-visited. We have a lot of people on our booth, so we are quite happy with the attendants this year. Everybody is very excited and I have the impression that it actually is improving the market situation. We are looking forward to the future. We do believe that this is the forum we need to expand our market share in China in the furniture industry."

    Guomin Bian

    “Due to its extensive reach and high visitor turnout, we've participated in the exhibition about a dozen times. The professionalism of the visiting clientele is remarkable. As a promotional and advertising platform and a means to engage with clients, its impact is substantial, greatly bolstering our business operations.”

  • Machinery and Auxiliary Machinery for Woodworking and Furniture Production

    Leitz Tooling Systems (China) Co., Ltd.
    Chairwoman of the Board; General Manager
    Grace Chen

    “This exhibition has always been a trendsetter in the industry, which is why we participate every year. Through this event, we gain insights into the dynamics of not only the Asian market but also the global market. The outcome has surpassed our expectations, with over 20% increase in both visitor numbers and orders. We've also had many fruitful discussions with potential partners during the event.”

    Pytha Lad GmbH
    Authorized PYTHA Reseller China
    Sean Huang

    “We've already received expressions of interest from close to 60 key clients at this year’s exhibition. This event stands out as our top international showcase every year.”

    Smart Connected Solutions SEA + HEXAGON
    International Business Development
    Graham Rutter

    “I found interzum guangzhou really really useful for us to get our products into the market. The visitors obviously are coming here for a reason and we're able to meet their needs and look to the future. Certainly, exhibition like this, being such a big international exhibition, really helps our company expose.”