Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2023 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fittings

    FGV Asia Limited
    Market Manager
    Mr. Andrea Casoni

    “This year’s interzum guangzhou has been great. After three years of COVID, this is the first time we are participating physically here. The exhibition is amazing and well-organized.”

    Sugatsune Shanghai Co., Ltd.
    Vice-General Manager
    Mr. Masumi Okuyama

    "This is our 7th year participating in the exhibition. Due to the pandemic, we haven't had the opportunity to showcase our products at such a large-scale event, so this is a great opportunity for us. There has been a considerable increase in the number of visitors compared to last year, and we're grateful to the organizers for providing us with this platform to exhibit. Moving forward, we aim to make the most out of the promotional activities initiated by the organizers to enhance our brand image, and hope to attract more customers."

  • Materials and Components for Interior Works

    Interprint (China) Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.
    Marketing Director
    Ms. Cindy Xu

    "This is our third year exhibiting at the event. We have noticed a significant increase in visitor traffic this year, and the exhibition's impact has been impressive. The entry process is also more seamless compared to previous years. In our experience, interzum guangzhou has always been a professional event."

    Munksjö Group
    Marketing & Import Business Sales Manager - China
    Mr. Tomas Wulkan

    “Attending this exhibition has been a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our new company, logo and image. We've been able to make many interesting and promising customer contacts, making this fair an excellent experience overall.”

    Overseas Sales / Manager
    Mr. Denny Lim

    “We're exhibiting at interzum guangzhou for the first time, but we've been attending the event every year. The experience has been very rewarding so far, as we've already connected with many potential customers. I'm thrilled to be here and see the growth of the Chinese high-end market firsthand. China isn't just following the trends, but rather setting them, which is why we're putting a strong focus on design and quality to meet the demands of this dynamic market.”

    REHAU Polymers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    South China sales manager
    Mr. Derrick Zeng

    “We're thrilled with the results of this year's interzum guangzhou, which surpassed our expectations. We've seen a boost in visitor turnout by at least 20%-30% compared to pre-pandemic times, and it's not just potential domestic clients, but also old friends and overseas buyers. Moreover, we're delighted to see a significant improvement in visitor quality compared to previous years.”

    Schattdecor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Sales Director
    Dr. Wendong Deng

    “We are delighted with the outcomes. The reopening of China has brought in a significantly larger number of visitors this year than in previous years. Our positive outlook on China's economic recovery and the continued growth of the market fuels our optimism for the future.”

  • Pneumatic Components

    LINAK (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems Ltd.
    President, LINAK China
    Mr. Simon Jenkinson

    “We've been participating in interzum guangzhou for 12 years now and this year has been fantastic compared to the previous one. We are very pleased to see the arrival of international visitors from Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US. The PIAZZA has been a great convenience for us, allowing us to enjoy some coffee while networking. Overall, we are very content with the show this year, and our team is also very happy with the results.”

  • Accessories for Furniture Upholstery

    Coolist Life Technology Co., Ltd
    Sales Mgr
    Ms. Li Chen

    "This year's exhibition has been better than we anticipated. There is a substantial presence of foreign buyers, particularly from the Thai, European, and American markets, as well as from Japan and Korea. Generally, interzum guangzhou has been well-organized this year, with excellent services across all aspects of the event."

    Global Textile Alliance (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Vice President
    Mr. Yiyun Tao

    "This is the 20th year that our company has participated in interzum guangzhou. Overall, this year's exhibition is more successful than last year, and we have noticed a significant increase in foreign visitors. We have also managed to engage with some of our target buyers during the exhibition."

    Lien A Co., Ltd
    ISD Director
    Mr. Vincent

    “We've been here every year since 2008. It’s heartening to see that the organizer is making great efforts to promote products in Asia and China.”

  • Machinery for Furniture Upholstery

    Dongguan Emma CNC Technology Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Guoquan Wang

    "This year, we have seen a good number of foreign visitors, which has positively impacted the confidence, activity level, and investment of the exhibitors. Additionally, the prospects we have engaged with this year have been impressive both in terms of quality and quantity."

    Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd.
    General Manager (Dongguan Branch)
    Mr. Sky Liang

    "We are satisfied with the outcome this year, as we have observed sizeable foot traffic and a significant number of potential customers. In terms of quantity, the number of visitors has increased several times more than in previous years, and in terms of quality, we have engaged with many new clients, including some of our targeted ones. They have expressed their satisfaction with our products, and we are confident to secure some new deals."

    Nantong Healthcare Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Sales Manager
    Mr. Shaoliang Sun

    "Overall, there was a noticeable increase in the number of foreign visitors this year. We met with numerous potential clients and even managed to close some deals on the spot. The exhibition has exceeded our expectations, with interzum guangzhou proving to be a significant draw for overseas visitors. The organizers did a great job in terms of pre-event publicity, on-site arrangements and services provided."

  • Wood Products, Panels and Laminates

    American Hardwood Export Council
    Director of Southeast Asia and China
    Mr. John Chan

    "The American Hardwood Export Council has been exhibiting at interzum guangzhou for 18 consecutive years and this year's event has been exceptional. The attendance and onsite organization were excellent, meeting our expectations both in quantity and quality."

    CEO, Kronospan Trading; President, Kronospan Foundation
    Ms. Oana Bodea

    “Kronospan has participated in interzum guangzhou for three years. It's amazing to see that so many visitors from all over the world are here. interzum guangzhou is a vital exhibition for discovering the latest trends and new products that are related to the furniture production business, which is fantastic.”

    Quebec Wood Export Bureau
    Director, China
    Mr. Noah Li M.A.

    “This year marks our 17th year participating in interzum guangzhou, and compared to the last three years, the results have been exceptional. We're incredibly satisfied with the results, and the exhibition has been tremendously beneficial for our business. We've also had the pleasure of engaging with numerous potential buyers who have expressed keen interest in collaborating with us.”

  • Adhesives, Paints and Other Chemical Materials

    General Manager
    Dr. Cindy Nie

    "We have been participating in this exhibition for 15 consecutive years now. This year's exhibition has been successful for us. We are satisfied with both the number of visitors and the quality of clients we have encountered. We have had the opportunity to connect with many of our target customers, and we have noticed that this exhibition is becoming increasingly popular. We hope that interzum guangzhou will continue to grow and improve."

    Kleiberit Adhesives (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    General Manager
    Dr. Qingping Du

    "We have been participating in interzum guangzhou every year since 2008, and this year's exhibition has been quite successful for us. The quality and number of visitors have improved significantly compared to previous years, and are even better than in pre-pandemic times. We also met most of our target customers. interzum guangzhou has always been a very professionally-run exhibition, which is why we continue to participate every year."

  • Machinery and Auxiliary Machinery for Woodworking and Furniture Production

    Leitz Tooling Systems (China) Co., Ltd
    Chairwoman of the Board / General Manager
    Ms. Grace Chen

    "The exhibition is extremely well attended this year, with numerous potential customers. The number of orders we have received has exceeded our expectations."

    LEUCO Precision Tooling (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
    Managing Director
    Mr. Tony Yuan

    "Our participation in the exhibition this year has been very successful. We have had many customers visit our booth and saw many more end-users attending the show. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results of our participation."

    SCM Group China Trading Co., Ltd.
    country Manager China
    Mr. Fausto Piscaglia

    “SCM has been exhibiting at interzum guangzhou for the past 19 years and this year marks our 20th participation in this exhibition. We're thrilled to be a part of this event once again, and as always, the organizers have taken excellent care of us.”