Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

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20 PLUS 20 Award - Interview with Dick Spierenburg

CIFM / guangzhou-interzum

Dick Spierenburg

-    Internationally-renowned designer

-    Founder of Spierenburg Studio

-    Creative Director of imm

-    Jury of Interzum Award


1. This edition of 20 PLUS 20 Awards revolves around the theme "In Pursuit of Furniture Accessories with Vitality", and evaluates based on the innovativeness, usability, safety and practicality of the nominated works. From your professional point of view, how or from what aspects should furniture manufacturers showcase the “vitality” of products?

Dick SpierenburgVitality of products means for me that there have been thoughtful reasons to create and introduce them, questioning not just “what the company needs” but first of all does the society and the expected users really need it and finally, can the planet handle it. So “vitality” most of all tells about what the product brings to be essential, which added values it offers all stakeholders. Unnecessary gadgets belong to the past, trendy looks are not enough.


2. What is your overall evaluation of this year's 20 PLUS 20 entries? What aspects of the nominated products have left an impression on you?

Dick SpierenburgIt is good to see how companies are developing products and materials in an innovative and conscious manner, more than ever finding alternatives for scarce or non safe, non circular resources. I saw products that improve the quality of living, support healthcare, facilitate living in compact spaces and focus on using less energy and harmful resources in manufacturing.


3. What are your expectations and aspirations for future 20 PLUS 20 contests?

Dick SpierenburgThe future of the 20 PLUS 20 contest lies in the focus on new ways of developing and presenting products and materials. What could be helpful to keep ahead and leading is to give direction by setting themes for the contest. How long will a product last, both in use as in appearance, how is it dealing with materials, has the company a vision on circularity, on adaptivity of living?


4. How do you think the furniture manufacturing industry will develop in the next five years? Could you give us an analysis in terms of materials or design?

Dick SpierenburgI am optimistic in concern of the industry and it’s way of developing meaningful products and materials. The lines between critical, self conscious endusers and creating companies have become shorter. Societal and environmental changes like the need for adaptivity of our homes and workspaces will lead the way to new innovations on both materials and designs. A contest like 20 PLUS 20 highlights results and importance!